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What Our Clients Are Saying

The Nanny Loft® found our lifelong nanny. We are so happy to have her join our family. The company really took the time to find the right fit for us and learn what we were looking for. We are forever grateful.
Ashley Graul
Happy Mom
The Nanny Loft® has been a godsend for us, and for our baby. We are relatively new to the area, and our families live far away. We needed a babysitter to help out for the occasional date night, and a few times during the week. We contacted the Nanny Loft®, not sure what to expect, and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the caliber of nannies we have used. Every candidate that we’ve met was caring, professional, and a joy to work with. Our baby has loved each one, and we found the perfect fit for our young family.
Happy Mom
We highly recommend The Nanny Loft®! Dilia was organized and very efficient in helping us find our nanny in two weeks time, which was crucial for us. All the candidates we met with were viable options and it was helpful to know that they were all pre-screened by someone we trusted, which made the process much less stressful. We felt safe and comfortable with the in-depth background checks that were run and ultimately ended up with a delightful new nanny for our 2 year old. Thank you Nanny Loft®!
The Martins
Happy Family
I can’t recommend Dilia and The Nanny Loft® enough! My husband and I moved to the area with our newborn daughter a little over a year ago and were totally lost when it came to looking for a nanny. Dilia helped us find the most amazing nanny for our daughter and we could not be happier! From our very first phone call I felt comfortable with Dilia and knew she truly wanted to help us. She worked with me diligently and patiently until we found a nanny who was the perfect fit for our family. She was available to answer my many questions and really individualized the process to our needs. Dilia truly loves what she does and she puts your child’s needs and safety above all else. Her screening process/background checks/interview skills are far and above what I ever expected. My husband and I call her the nanny whisperer. She goes above and beyond to help her families whether it’s for a long term nanny or even just for a date night. We could not be happier with the nanny Dilia found for us. Our daughter absolutely adores her and she has become part of our family! I can’t say enough great things about Dilia and The Nanny Loft®!
Happy Mom
Thank you Dilia of Nanny Loft®! I was in a bind with finding a sitter and I spoke to Dilia on a Saturday, interviewed a candidate on Sunday and sitter started Monday afternoon! The Nanny Loft’s® services provide professional candidates along with extensive background checks. Dilia walks you through the process of finding the right fit from beginning to end. I would recommend her services to anyone on a search for the perfect nanny.
Happy Mom
I am incredibly grateful to The Nanny Loft® for connecting us with Alisha Wiles. Before I met Alisha, my six month old was having a very hard time. He had silent reflux and was unable to tolerate any solids, had irregular bowels and was screaming in pain every hour at night. Alisha’s supportive guidance literally changed our lives. Within two nights, he was sleeping twelve hours straight, taking two hour naps, and began solids. Most importantly my son is growing, he’s incredibly happy and we are enjoying this precious time together. My only regret is that we did not find her sooner. Alisha has an incredible wealth of knowledge and would be an invaluable resource to any new mom or seasoned mama with a challenging babe like myself.
Alisha Unternahre
Happy Mom
The Nanny Loft® is amazing! My family wound up not hiring a nanny through them because a family friend took the position. However, while we were working with TNL, the owner and her support staff were so wonderful. They helped my husband and I determine what we needed versus what we wanted. They were patient while helping us navigate the path to being first time employers. If we ever lose our current nanny, I would definitely call TNL to help me find a replacement. Thank you guys so much!!!
Carolyn Powers
Happy Mom
I highly recommend The Nanny Loft®! All the nannies are caring & professional. I have peace of mind at work. Happy to support a woman led company! 🙂
Dieynaba Marième
Happy Mom
Dilia was great to work with. She really went above and beyond to find someone that worked with our families crazy schedule. We were really in a time crunch to find some help with child care to free us up to focus on our jobs and she made it happen! The person she matched us with works great with our boys. Would highly recommend her and The Nanny Loft®.
Happy Dad
I had the pleasure of meeting with Dilia this week to learn more about what The Nanny Loft® offers. Her attention to detail and focus on making sure each placement is the right "fit" for both the family and the Nanny is what sets her agency apart. She is detailed, thorough and goes above and beyond for her clients. If you're considering hiring a Nanny instead of using a day care for your child, reach out to Dilia. Her expertise and TLC is a gift to families!
Nicole Didizian
Industry Expert
Dilia is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend The Nanny Loft® if looking for childcare! She helped us find a nanny who is a perfect fit for our family. She was patient with me and thorough in her evaluations which put me at total ease and took the stress out of the process for me. I couldn't recommend anyone better!
Erin Downs
Happy Mom
Dilia is amazing!!
Courtney Feldscher
Happy Mom
Wonderful agency! Very helpful and professional. The Nanny Loft® helped me find help with watching my grandchildren for the summer. They screened and background checked the candidate. I’ve known Dilia since she was a little girl and she has always been a go-getter and full of life. Now she’s an adult, very professional in her business.
Susan Rivera
Happy Grandmother
I am so impressed with the level of care that Dilia and her team provide. She genuinely cares about the families she serves and the entire experience from beginning to end, reflects that. Whether you need a full-time nanny or a part-time babysitter, you've come to the right place!
Rosalind Prather
Industry Expert
The Nanny Loft®, and the owner Dilia, is of the highest quality for both care and placement. Dilia is thorough to say the least and she brings her heart to the table when making each match. She treats your family as if she was searching for a nanny to watch her precious kiddos and makes sure you get the perfect fit! Thank you for all of your hard work!!
Happy Mom
We heard about The Nanny Loft® and Dilia through a friend who has a nanny through the agency. We started off needing just a backup plan and actually had an emergency situation in which we needed care for our son full time for several weeks. Dilia was the most helpful and helped us right away to find care starting the following day. I don't know what we would have done without The Nanny Loft® during that time period! Dilia was very supportive and was there for us whenever we had questions or concerns. We would highly recommend this nanny agency to anyone who's looking for great and trustworthy care for their children! We liked everyone that we have worked with!
Simeng Sun
Happy Mom

What Our Nannies Are Saying

The Nanny Loft® has been very helpful in working with their employees, pushing them to be better, setting achievable and clear expectations. Working for them has helped me achieve each goal I was able to set myself for by allowing me the privilege to work with amazing families.
Cassandra Bejar
Happy Nanny
I have been a Nanny for The Nanny Loft® for six months now and this has been an amazing experience! I have always found my family’s off of It is so hard searching for the right fit family and on top of that the right pay. Working with The Nanny Loft they do all of that for you and make it so incredibly easy for you and the families! You tell them the hours you are available and what you need to take home and they find your perfect family with guaranteed hours and pay. It’s extremely reassuring through these hard times. I love my families I work for and I love my team at The Nanny Loft®!
Samanatha Caroline
Happy Nanny
Dilia has been AMAZING. I knew from the first interview this was the right choice. She told me step by step the processes I had to complete. She gave me MULTIPLE different options and families to chose from. She's Kind, organized and knows her stuff! She found me the perfect fit both hours, financially and location. I've worked as a TSS for multiple mental health facilities and this by far has been my favorite job. Its perfect. The family is kind and trustworthy. I food shop, run errands as well as take care of their little one. (He's not so little he's 10). I really can use my case manger skills and my caregiver skills which combine what i love to do. This job is perfect for me! This is the first time I've ever said this was my CAREER rather then a job. If I could give 10 stars I would! There's growth in this company as well. There's training and certifications as well. DO IT! APPLY HERE. you wont regret it!!!
Jessica Bergen
Happy Nanny
The Nanny Loft® is a premier agency that focuses on outstanding child care for every child. Dilia Coppedge, the owner, is an incredibly caring leader and focuses on every aspect of the business carefully. She meets every family individually and interviews every potential nanny and babysitter to be sure the match is perfect. If you are looking for a professional agency that provides outstanding child care, contact The Nanny Loft®. You won’t be disappointed and your children will be very happy!
Rita Mary
Happy Nanny
As a career nanny who has worked all over the country I really enjoy working with The Nanny Loft®. Not only do they advocate for fair pay, industry standard benefits but they work really hard to foster an amazing relationship between both nannies and families. Dilia’s hands on approach with every family and nanny has left her with a spotless record. I don’t know any Nanny who hasn’t loved the family that they work with and they don’t know any family who hasn’t adored the nanny that Dilia placed with them. I wish this company nothing but success and I’m so grateful I get to be a part of it.
Alisha W.
Happy Nanny
An excellent place for both nannies and parents.
Happy Nanny
Having been a nanny for several years, my experience with The Nanny Loft® and being able to work with them has been absolutely amazing. I feel such comfort working with the families and the company. Another thing I personally enjoy is the safety when engaging with the families. This company allows me to do what I love but still remain active in school and sports on the collegiate level. The Nanny Loft® lets me remain flexible and sets me up with amazing families!
Geminii Cabrera
Happy Nanny
Dilia and The Nanny Loft® are truly a professional agency with a personal and caring touch! I am a nanny who was matched and placed with a family I adore through the agency 2 years ago. Dilia’s diligence in safeguarding, personality matching, and contract negotiations are second to none. She spends so much time on both ends to ensure both parties’ needs are being advocated for and met. I viewed her as a partner and mentor when going through the job search and match process and immediately felt she truly cared about my personal and professional goals. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but perhaps even more importantly, extremely caring, approachable and warm. She cares for both her caregivers and families in a way I’ve never seen other agencies do, and I’m so glad to know her!
Jill Ciganek
Happy Nanny
I met the owner of The Nanny Loft®, Dilia, during my freshman year of college and have been with the agency since. It has been such a great agency to work for, especially since I know that not only am I being placed with great, safe families, but that I am also getting an experience that not many other agencies provide. The new babysitting services that were launched have made it more convenient to work for families whenever I am needed, whether that be for after-school care, a date night, or even a sick day in which a child can’t attend school. I love the flexibility and reliability that the agency provides which makes my passion for nannying while being a full-time student much more accessible and enjoyable. With childcare services being in high demand, it’s nice to work for an agency that puts both its employers and families at the forefront of all that it does!
Venus Cabrera
Happy Nanny
The Nanny Loft® is the best agency I’ve ever used. The family she matched me with is nothing short of wonderful. The owner “Ms. Dilia “ made sure sick days, holidays, and vacation days are paid and even if the family doesn’t need me/ I am still paid as well as overtime.
Patrice Powell
Happy Nanny
The Nanny Loft® is a wonderful Nanny placement organization. The owner, Dilia, is a kind-hearted person who is thorough in her screening process. She puts her Nannies through multiple interviews and background checks to make sure they are worthy of working for a high-quality family.
Dilia has helped me get a number of short-term Nanny positions with very nice families in the Lehigh Valley. If you are a Nanny or want to start babysitting, I highly recommend that you call her up so you can begin (or continue) your Nanny career.
Amber Metz
Happy Nanny

What The Children Are Saying

I'm glad my parents have used The Nanny Loft® to find babysitters. The Nanny Loft® babysitters we've had are all different in some ways, but what's the same about them is what makes them such awesome babysitters...they are all kind, nice, unique, and COOL!! It's like I don't really even mind that my parents have to work, because we get to spend time with cool babysitters while they work.
Logan, age 8
Happy Child
Nanny Loft® has given our family a continual positive support system and friendly environment for us. All of the babysitters are super fun and help us all step out of our comfort zone to find new activities we all enjoy together! Each personality helps us have a super fun time together :). I love how Nanny Loft® goes the extra mile to make sure each and every family is satisfied with their babysitter. Nanny Loft® is truly life changing and very encouraging and supportive of families!
Maddie, age 13
Happy Child
For my review for Kristen, I am just going to start by saying she is absolutely wonderful!! I’m the oldest child of three, and they can get to be a little too much to handle sometimes. However, Kristen really made an effort to apply herself and found ways to be friendly, entertain them, and overall handle them very well in situations where things get out of hand. Kristen is incredibly sweet, caring, and friendly. She never ceases to ask if any of us are okay and she makes an effort to show us she cares. She is very punctual; she gets us to and from places on time. She is also really good at preparing healthy snacks for us when we come home from school. She is great because she has an awesome sense of humor! She is a good person to be around and is also very good at her job. I love spending time with her, as we are always laughing together or having a good time! Kristen is definitely a 10/10 for getting things done around the house, which we are all extremely grateful for. It is so much less stress when my parents can come home and they don’t have to worry about folding laundry or doing the dishes. Her help is extremely valuable to us. I’m so happy that she is our babysitter!
Callie, age 15
Happy Child
My babysitter cleaned up the playroom. I love you, Mrs. Ana 🥰
Olivia, age 4
Happy Child

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