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Interested in Becoming a Professional Nanny?
Learn More About Our Hiring Process.

Please carefully review our basic requirements to ensure you meet these standards before contacting us. To apply for nanny jobs, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be legally able to work in the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license AND your own vehicle
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Have a minimum of three unrelated personal references whom we can contact to verify your background and character
  • Have a minimum of two professional references whom we can contact to verify your experience, qualifications, and behavior
  • Have a minimum of two years of childcare experience (not including children related to you)
  • Have a minimum of one year of related professional work experience (prior daycare, nanny, teaching, etc.)
  • Possess valid CPR and first-aid certifications (or be willing to obtain/renew prior to placement
  • Possess mandated reporter and carseat safety trainings or be willing to obtain during the hiring process (see attached links)
  • Commit to being paid legally, or “on the books,” as a W-2 employee
  • Consent to ongoing, periodic background screening

If you’re confident that you meet these initial qualifications, please complete the Nanny Inquiry Form and we will contact you to begin the following process:

  1. Phone Screening: This call is an opportunity for us to gather our initial impressions of you. During our conversation, we will be assessing your verbal communication skills and inquiring about your background and experience to determine whether you are a suitable potential candidate for The Nanny Loft®. If you pass this screening, we will invite you to an in-person interview.
  2. In-Person Interview: During this face-to-face meeting, we will delve deeply into your personal and professional backgrounds as well as gather information regarding your current interests, needs, and expectations. We use this data to assess your viability as an appropriate candidate as well as create a full and accurate profile for our clients. Make no mistake—this is an intense, comprehensive evaluation and you may feel some questions are invasive. We model our interview process after state guidelines for assessing potential foster parents with the goal of meeting a similar standard.

At the time of your interview, you will also be asked to complete the International Nanny Association Basic Skills Exam. In addition, we will collect the information we need to complete our background checks and inquiries (these checks will only be completed if we elect to move beyond this stage with your candidacy evaluation).

If you pass the in-person interview, you will undergo extensive background screening including fingerprinting and drug testing. We contract with proven, leading third-party solution providers to complete the following checks:

  • Sex Offender Registry Search: a query of all 50 states, along with Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam
  • Driving Record Inquiry: a search of previous tickets and accidents (in the past 39 months)
  • Social Security Trace: verification that the Social Security number you provided belongs to you
  • National Criminal History Search: a search for criminal reports from 38 states (those allowed by law)
  • Criminal Background Check: a check of every county that you’ve lived in for the last seven years
  • Fingerprinting: a search of your fingerprints against the national database
  • Child Abuse History Search: a search of any reports of child abuse in your past
  • Civil Records Review: a search of civil records to uncover any relevant lawsuits, liens, or judgments
  • Drug Testing: five-panel, state-of-the art hair-follicle testing to expose any prior drug use

The remaining checks are performed internally by our experienced team of investigators:

  • Reference Checks: We will speak with your friends and family as well as any regular healthcare providers that you see to verify all the information you have provided and to glean information about your character as it is viewed by others.
  • History: We will also verify your employment history and educational background

If You Have Reached This Stage, Congratulations!

You have passed our rigorous screening process and are ready to join the ranks among the highly qualified candidates at The Nanny Loft®. At this time, we will sit down with you to gather a few more details and discuss your desired employment arrangements to complete and finalize your Nanny Profile. We will provide this profile to prospective employers as we match you to those families we feel are most suited to your experience and expectations.