The Nanny Loft

Be a Nanny!
Becoming a Caregiver with The Nanny Loft®


We offer a means for highly qualified candidates to obtain positions as professional caregivers in a variety of capacities. 

  1. We offer you the opportunity to be closely matched with appropriate families, to ensure that each party’s expectations are clearly understood and met. The families who work with us understand what the role of a nanny is—and isn’t.
  2. Our clients are serious about their search for a nanny. In fact, they’ve already made an upfront investment. This means your time isn’t wasted interviewing with families who may not even know whether employing a nanny is right for them.
  3. We find employment for you that is based on your terms and schedule and that matches your preferred living arrangements.
  4. We complete extensive background checks, drug screenings, and interviews at NO cost to you. By having your qualifications verified, your credibility is well established, making you a highly sought-after candidate in the child caregiver field.
  5. We connect you with local First-Aid and CPR trainers to keep your certification current or to assist you with obtaining it.
  6. We offer guidance to you throughout the hiring process ensuring that you know what to expect as well as providing you and your new employer with an employment-contract template.
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