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Alisha Wiles

Our infant care specialist, Alisha Wiles, is fully trained to support your family in all aspects of newborn and toddler care. She is an internationally certified Newborn Care Specialist, certified Sleep Consultant, Parent Consultant and credentialed nanny who has worked with elite families across the county.

Alisha first entered the nanny industry 15 years ago while working as a medic for the USAF. She helped support dual military families and often cared for children whose parents were actively deployed. After her time in the military, she taught English as a second language (ESL) at an International School in Japan while nannying part time for an expat family as well as privately teaching English to children between 1 and 8 years old. When Alisha returned to the United States, she worked in New York City, and she decided it was time to take her career to the next level. Alisha successfully completed 4 Newborn Care Courses, 2 Sleep Consultant Courses, a Positive Discipline Course, and a Holistic Newborn Care Specialist Course in addition to her numerous certifications in her detailed portfolio. She’s successfully worked with parents in person and virtually across the country to ensure that every family felt confident in getting their children on a solid routine.

In addition to working with over 100 families, Alisha has volunteered her time and energy to better her community. She runs a group of over 10,000 nannies, worldwide that are able to network and professionally grow. Alisha was previously Director of Social Media for the US Nanny Association. The US Nanny Association created the first standardized standards and credentials for nannies to ensure every family had the opportunity to meet a highly qualified nanny.

The agencies that Alisha worked for did always advocate for both nanny and family, so she decided to open up her own agency in Albuquerque before relocating to the tristate area.  Because of Alisha’s and Dilia’s knowledge on the struggles parents face, child growth and development, and advocacy for both nannies and families, they make a great team!

Rachelle Gershkovich

Rachelle was 17 when she realized she had a gift for nurturing and soothing infants while also getting them to sleep longer. She began working part-time as a night nanny through her sister’s nannying agency and continued this work through college. As a nanny, Rachelle realized that infants often can sense anxiety in their parents and caregivers. She learned how to reset her own internal nervous system to reach a real sense of calm, so she could help the infant do the same. Most nannies, doulas, and infant care specialists get their insights from having their own children. Rachelle, however, was able to develop a specialized approach that works for every baby through her infant care working with many diverse families and children.

Through nursing courses, Rachelle discovered the undeniable value of nutrition and switched her major to Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Combining her experience with new parents, babies, nannying, and nutrition, she was able to bring a restful night’s sleep to every home. After graduation, she officially founded Maternal Instincts in 2010. Rachelle has served over 5,000 families through her sleep groups and as a night nanny, newborn care specialist, doula, and sleep specialist. She has worked with newborns, multiples, and high-risk infants. Rachelle has supported families who were dealing with heart surgery recovery, feeding tubes, oxygen, colic, allergies, reflux, and more! Today, with nearly a decade of service through Maternal Instincts, Rachelle’s goal is to end sleep deprivation for babies AND parents, and to make parenthood a more restful, harmonious, and loving experience. To learn more about Rachelle and her staff, as well as her book “Creating Sweet Dreams,” visit her website below. 

Cheryl Abrams​

Cheryl Abrams comes from a close knit family in Philadelphia, PA. She joined the US Army because she wanted to travel and see the world. After ten years of Military service, she got married and started a family of her own. Cheryl attended intense classes on early childcare learning and became a Home Daycare provider for the Ft. Lewis Washington childcare system. In 2013 she studied to become a birth & postpartum doula and Night Nanny. Through her work as a night nanny, she noticed that some new moms were depressed which was concerning. She sought out information to become a certified postpartum doula in order to help new moms develop more confidence after giving birth. She also pursued newborn care and sleep training to enhance her ability to support families. Her desire is to help you and your family transition and to help educate about the importance of being a mother before and after giving birth. Cheryl Lives in Ft. Worth Texas her company is Babymoon Concierge.  

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