The Nanny Loft

Finding a Caregiver for Your Children with The Nanny Loft®


Working with The Nanny Loft® to find your child’s long-term caregiver involves a four-phase process. We spend a tremendous amount of time and resources—finding highly suitable, carefully matched candidates—so that you don’t have to! Below, we outline the steps you will take on your journey in finding a trusted, caring nanny for your family. You can also visit our Screening and Qualifications Section.  

In order to acquire the services of a long-term or summer nanny through The Nanny Loft®, the first step is to request a FREE 15 minute phone consultation by completing the Family Inquiry Form. Once we receive your information, we will contact you right away to arrange a date and time convenient for you and your family. During our first phone call, we will gather information about your family and your expectations. We will also talk with you about how The Nanny Loft® operates and answer any questions you may have. 

Once we mutually determine that The Nanny Loft® can meet your needs, you will complete our application, pay the $500 application fee and we will schedule our first in-home consultation. The purpose of this in-home consultation is to allow us to truly understand the inner workings of your family and how a nanny can best support you. Together, we will complete a detailed Family Profile, which will provide us with the information we need to commence the search for your ideal nanny. The profile will include information on your family and its dynamics, as well as when and why you desire a nanny for your family, how much you wish to pay your caregiver, and what responsibilities you will expect her to carry out. After our in-home consultation, you will have 7 days to determine whether or not you would like to enter into an agreement with our agency. This agreement will activate our search phase.

Once we have profiled your family and identified the qualities you are searching for in a caregiver, we will begin our nanny search. Depending on your specifications and needs, the search may take six to twelve weeks. It is possible that there are nannies already on our roster that are excellent matches for your family. In this case, this phase might be quite short. However, if we do not currently have any suitable candidates, we will begin recruitment efforts. All of our nannies undergo a rigorous screening and selection process. Please visit Process for Nannies to learn more about our methodologies. Once we have identified three candidates, we will contact you.

We will provide you with a Nanny Profile for each candidate we have chosen for you. Each report will include a their verified professional and personal background information and contact details. It is then your responsibility to arrange and conduct the interviews. We will provide you with a list of important topics that you should cover with each applicant. When you have identified a match, we will provide you with a “Family and Nanny Agreement” template that you can use to create the legal employment contract you will enter into with your nanny. Once you and your nanny have signed the contract, your placement fee must be paid to the agency before your caregiver commences work. 

Even after employment begins, we are still here for you! We offer a 30, 60 or 90 day replacement period for our long-term nannies. If at any time during that period, you find that your nanny is not meeting your needs, or if your nanny resigns for any reason, we will, at our sole discretion, do the following:

  • Make reasonable efforts according to applicable law to provide additional referrals for a maximum of one replacement Candidate to Client 

We are also available to provide support as you establish a relationship with your nanny. If working with a nanny is new to you, we can offer you resources and information that will help you navigate this new territory. Your success with your new nanny is very important to us, and we work tirelessly to ensure you have the best possible experience.